Appointment with Doctor

Call between 8.00am - 6.00pm

Remember to make a separate appointment for each person to be seen. If you cannot keep an appointment for any reason please let us know so that we may give it to someone else.

In An Emergency - Medical emergencies will be seen the same day with the minimum of delay. We reserve special appointments during the day for patients who need seen as a priority.

For non-urgent problems please try to book two or three days ahead.

We also offer telephone consultations where appropriate. Please ask the receptionist for details.

Please remember that you can book a GP appointment up to four weeks ahead

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Appointment with Nurse

Call between 8.00am - 6.00pm

Patients can make an appointment to see one of the nurses without having to see a doctor first. This service may be used for such things as stitch removal, wound dressing, ear syringing, breast examination, cervical smears and general health promotion advice.

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Pre-bookable Appointments

Available for both GPs & Nurse starting at 07.20am.

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Home visits

Call between 8.00am - 10.30am

Where possible, requests for home visits should be made before 10.30am to enable doctors to plan visits more efficiently.

Home visits are reserved for patients unable for medical reasons to attend the surgery.

Please remember that several patients can be seen in the practice in the time that it takes to make one home visit. There are also better facilities for examining and treating patients at the Surgery.

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Out of hours - NHS 24

Please note that the local Primary Care Emergency Centre is now based at Perth Royal Infirmary for evening and weekend consultations and visit.

In order to obtain medical advice out of hours, please call NHS 24 by dialling 111. A receptionist in the emergency call centre will answer your call.

They will either:

  1. Arrange for you to speak to a doctor or nurse
  2. Invite you to attend the centre to be seen by the doctor, or
  3. Arrange a home visit if you are too ill to visit the centre.

Transport to and from the centre is available if you cannot arrange this yourself.

Further advice and information can also be obtained on the NHS24 website.


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Obtaining test/XRay results

We ask that patients do not call the surgery before 11.30am to request test or examination results. The doctors will have looked at incoming test results in their electronic mail, and will highlight any that need further action or clarification. This comment will be available to the receptionist on the computer and you may be requested to make an appointment to see or speak to the doctor as a result of a test you have had done.

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Please do not expect the doctors to see a child as part of a consultation with an adult parent or guardian. Appointments are only 10 minutes in length and they must have a separate appointment made for them. Children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian,  until they reach an age where they are considered responsible enough to make their own decisions regarding their medical care. The doctor reserves the right to decide on this matter.

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Working Patients

We appreciate that it is not always easy for patients who are working full time and may work away from Perth to make appointments at times that are suitable.  We have appointments available from 7:20 am and up to 5:20 pm. Please do not forget that telephone consultations are available and this may be more convenient if you are working.

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You may be asked by the doctor to provide a specimen that will be sent away to the laboratory for testing. Please hand any specimens in to the surgery before 2 pm and please can you ensure that your name, date of birth and CHI number are on the label of the container. (The GP or receptionist will be able to give you your CHI number). Your specimen will then be put in the appropriate envelope with full identification to avoid the chance of mistaken identity or the need for re-testing which may happen with non-identifiable samples.
We ask that you do not phone the practice before 11.30am on any day, to obtain the results of these tests. This avoids congestion on the phone lines in the early mornings.

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    Main reception - 01738 639748
    Prescriptions - 01738 625542
    District nurses - 01738 442379
    Health visitors - 01738 445949
    Fax - 01738 635133
    Main reception - 01738 840289
    Prescriptions - 01738 840700
    District nurses - 01738 840251
    Health visitors - 01738 445949
    Fax - 01738 840113

    Victoria Practice, Glover Street

    Denside Surgery, Methven
    contact NHS 24
    DIAL 111
    Please only use this service for problems that cannot wait until the next working day.
    DIAL 999 for ambulance
    0131 446 2760
    Click here for more information about this service

    To cancel a transport request call;
    0131 446 2852
    between 9:00am and 5:00pm
    Monday to Friday

Glover Street Medical Centre, 133 Glover Street, PERTH, PH2 OJB