Patient services and clinics


Glover Street
Thursdays 2pm to 4pm. Run by Community Midwives and Doctors.

There is a midwife-run ante-natal clinic on Friday mornings starting at 09:30. You may also be seen by a doctor during the ordinary surgery sessions.

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Child health screening

Glover Street
Wednesday mornings 0900 to 1130. Run by Dr Foster and Health Visitors.

This is run By Dr Sneddon and Health Visitors on the first and third Thursday mornings of each month.

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Child immunisations

Glover Street
Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 0900 to 1130. Run by Dr Foster and Health Visitors.

A baby immunisation clinic is run on Thursday mornings by appointment.

Minor surgery & wart clinic

Glover Street
Wednesdays 3pm to 4.30pm. Run by Dr Matthews and Practice Nurses.

By appointment at the Glover Street Surgery.

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Diabetic Clinics at Perth

Please be aware that there have been some changes made in the way the diabetic clinics in Perth are run;

There will now be 3 clinics;

Tuesday 8.30 – 10.30 with a ‘New’ diabetic appointment at 10.10
Tuesday 1pm – 2pm
Friday 1pm – 2pm

  1. Patients will no longer need to have appointment for bloods the week before.
  2. There are no differences in the clinics so patients don’t have to stipulate ‘Tuesday or Friday’.
  3. Patients will NOT see Dr Shepherd at any of these clinics. Nurses will put patients into Dr Shepherd’s clinic if necessary.

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Asthma clinic

Glover Street
Thursdays 1:30pm to 4:30pm. Run by Carol Smith.

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Cardiac clinic

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COPD clinic

Glover Street
Tuesdays 2:30pm to 4:00pm. Run by Kay Angus.

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Contraceptive clinic

Pill, Coil, other barrier methods and advice on sterilisation. You may consult any of the doctors for advice and for your regular check-up.

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Cervical smear tests

These can be carried out within the normal surgery by the doctor or nurse of your choice and are also available as part of a Well-Woman check-up. There is a standard three-yearly recall.

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Blood pressure tests

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Holiday immunisations

Patients travelling abroad can see one of our nurses to arrange necessary immunisations and for general health care advice. There is a charge for this. Yellow Fever immunisation is not available from us, and some other unusual immunisations may attract a separate charge.

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Health promotion

Health promotion advice is available on a variety of matters including Well-Man, Well-Woman, Weight Control, Asthma and Smoking Cessation.

Further details can be obtained from reception staff.

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Smoking cessation

Support to stop smoking is available through your local Community Pharmacy.

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New patient medicals

Any patient over 16 years old who joins the practice will be offered an appointment with one of our nurses for a new patient examination. This is a condition of registration with the practice.

If the patient is on several repeat medications or has a medical condition, they are requested to make an appointment with the doctor for registration.

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Insurance & Employment medicals

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    Victoria Practice, Glover Street

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